Monday, 21 November 2011

Test flights with the nucleation package

After a very misty morning the fog suddenly lifted around noon and we had best weather conditions for the 2nd flight with the top platform installed. The cabin layout for this flight was the nucleation package. This package includes the API-TOF and the NAIS. At 2.45pm the Zeppelin took off, heading to Lake Constance in order to start a vertical flight profile with the lowest altitude of 250ft above ground level.

After slowly ascending to the maximum height of 2350ft above ground level, the airship returned to the airport to exchange the pilot and the cabin crew. The route of the 2nd leg led over woodland where we had the opportunity to pass nearby a transmission mast to check possible interferences of electromagnetic radiation with our very sensitive instrumentation. At around 5pm the Zeppelin returned to the hangar.

While the Zeppelin was in the air, the envelope of the airship which we are going to use in 2012 is prepared in the hangar. The envelope was inflated with air and tested for leaks. On the left-hand side the framework of the Zeppelin is already built up.

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