Sunday, 20 November 2011

All cabin layouts and Top Platform successfully tested!

Today, the top platform was installed on top of the Zeppelin. Without practicing, it took a little longer than the optimistic estimate of one hour. After the platform was on the Zeppelin, the ground crew and scientists worked together to install power supplies and sample lines.

The airship took off at 3pm, after some minor problems with the power supply. On its first flight leg it reached an altitude of 4000ft above sea level, which was still below the clouds. After flying at constant heights of 3000ft and 1800ft the Zeppelin returned to the air field to exchange the cabin crew.

On the second flight the Zeppelin flew above a forest. Its maximum altitude was 4360ft. The Zeppelin descended to 1800ft to give the operators the chance to test their instrument at different heights. At 5 pm the Zeppelin returned to the hangar. Today's flights were also the first flights for the LOP rack and the FFL rack. By today every instrument has been in the air at least once, so we celebrated with a joint dinner in Friedrichshafen.

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