Monday, 29 April 2013

Flights with Nucleation package and the Secondary organic aerosol package on the weekend

On the weekend, the Zeppelin flew above the measurement site at Asprveten. On Saturday, after the flight with the nucleation package, we exchanged the instrument setup from the nucleation package to the SOA package.

On Sunday, we had rather bad weather conditions with wind and rain. Still the pilots managed to fly from 7:30 to 9:30. However, ice rain forced the Zeppelin to return to Skavsta airport. Again, instruments were taken out to lighten the airship.

Some of the scientists have arrived on Monday morning in Finland. The Zeppelin is scheduled to cross the Baltic Sea on Tuesday. The Zeppelin will start tomorrow at noon and reach Jämijärvi after app. 8 hours if everything works fine.

The Zeppelin returning to the mast truck at Skavsta airport on Saturday.

At night, the NOx-Rack had to be protected from the cold with a blanket.


  1. Totally waiting to see you over Turku. Too bad you're not landing.

  2. At the moment (30.04.2012 6:50 UTC) , Pegasos locator on map don't work. It is stuck to Time: 18:20:56, Height:62,3 . I hope You can fix it before trip to Finland. See You soon.

    1. Hi KMW,

      unfortunately, we indeed have some problems with broadcasting the Zeppelin position. Our specialist is working on it remotely (our only way of access right now, it's on the Top-Platform), but it probably won't work before the Zeppelin is in Finland.

      Sorry to disappoint, we'll fix it ASAP.

  3. And the date was 29.04.2013