Monday, 8 April 2013

The PEGASOS Zeppelin Campaign in 2013 has started

From mid-April, the Zeppelin NT will once again be on a mission for climate research – this time travelling as far as Finland. Scientists are starting the second part of their measurement campaign within the pan-EU project PEGASOS, which aims to investigate relationships between atmospheric chemistry and climate change. 
In the last 5 days the scientists arrived in Friedrichshafen to install their instruments in the Zeppelin. The cabin layout with the SOA package is prepared for the first test flights around Friedrichshafen. At present, the PEGASOS Zeppelin is in the Hangar together with a second airship. All racks for the SOA package are installed in the Zeppelin. Only the top platform needs to be put onto the Zeppelin.

The Top platform is set up in the hangar.

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