Friday, 19 April 2013

PEGASOS Zeppelin trip to Sweden

Tonight at 19:00h we will build in the FFL rack and the PhD student working with this instrument will have sufficient time to test and to calibrate it. This will give us more available time tomorrow for the two other instruments:

The build in will start at 06:00h, estimated take off is 09:00h. Note by the way, that if you are following the Zeppelin with the life-tracking mode, that the time information provided is given in UTC, i.e. at the moment 2 hours earlier than German time. The take-off window for the Zeppelin will be short, because of forecasted increasing winds. 

With the short time between instrument built in and take off, the critical part for high quality data is the warming up of the HGC rack. But our GC expert will be the operator onboard the Zeppelin for tomorrows flight, so he eventually can fix things after start, if necessary.

We decided to take all cars via Jütland (Denmark) to the Öresund Bridge as this will give us more flexibility (e.g., we need to pack the stuff that will be used for layout change before we can leave Lübeck). 

We coordinated actions with our colleagues operating the Vavihill Actris site at the ground. They will follow the Zeppelin on the tracking page, but we will also sent them text messages about Zeppelin positions. They want to take gas-phase samples starting about one hour before the Zeppelin reaches Vavihill. The plan is to make one or two loops around Vavihill. Exact flight patterns will depend on the gasoline reserve.

Noteworthy: our cooperation with the pilotes and Zeppelin ground team is excellent, as it was last year!

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