Monday, 22 April 2013

Transfer flight to Skavsta (Sweden)

Everything went as planned: After reinstalling the two instruments into the gondola in the early morning the Zeppelin took off in Lübeck at 9:00 on Saturday. The airship flew over Fehmarn, the Danish islands Lolland, Falster and Sjælland and reached Copenhagen at noon. In Sweden, the Zeppelin circled several times around the Swedish ACRTIS station in Vavihill before it landed in Ljungbyhed.

The transfer continued on Sunday from the Western to the Eastern part of Sweden. The Zeppelin started in Ljungbyhed in the morning and arrived in Skavsta, close to Stockholm at 14:00. Here we met the scientists whose instrument racks were not on board during the transfer flights. The instruments of the nucleation package or the SOA package will be installed to do flights around Skavsta, before the transfer to Finland is prepared.

Bridge between Falster and Sjælland

The Zeppelin above Copenhagen.

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